Oh, Canada Buffalo Bills Contest!

Fill out the contest form below to enter to win:

  • Business Class Club indoor seats
  • Value $200 CAD per ticket 
  • Includes food and beverage plus a Bills/Canada Flag scarf
  • Food and beverage in the club:
    • Bar/Drink package
    • Pop, water, coffee included.
    • 2 drink tickets per person.
      These are redeemable for beer or wine at the bar. From there it would be a cash bar for beer or wine.
    • Bar open from 12:30pm to 2 minute warning of the 4th quarter
  • Food included:
    • Tortilla chips, salsa
    • Classic popcorn
    • Fresh vegetables and ranch dip
    • La Nova cheese pizza
    • La Nova pepperoni pizza
    • Buffalo pulled chicken with slider bun
    • BBQ pulled pork with slider bun
    • Food served from 12:30pm to end of 3rd quarter

Contest ends Friday, December 6th at 12pm. Winners will be notified by 5pm on Friday, December 6th. No purchase necessary. 

This contest is currently closed.